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Get Nerve Pain Relief at NJ Neuropathy

Did you realize that more than 20 million Americans suffer from nerve pain caused by peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, chemotherapy effects, and other conditions? At NJ Neuropathy, our nerve pain relief specialists in Oakhurst, NJ are committed to pioneering and perfecting the latest techniques and treatments that provide accurate diagnoses, minimal risks, and maximum results. We're happy to inform you about our services so you can start envisioning a brighter future for yourself or your loved one.

What to Expect From Our Nerve Pain Relief Services in Oakhurst

At our nerve pain clinic, we focus on the rehabilitation of motor and sensory nerves and the reduction in burning, tingling, pain, hypersensitivity, and other symptoms. What's great about our services is that they are completely non-invasive, drug-free, and FDA-cleared technologies. All our services have been clinically proven to reduce the symptoms associated with the various components of neuropathy. They include:

  • Light therapy: light waves interact with the cells within superficial and deep tissues, including your nerves. This triggers a physiological phenomenon known as "photobiomodulation." This healing phenomenon has been shown to increase cellular metabolism, speed healing, reduce pain and spasms, and provide additional benefits that can help you find relief from your frustrating nerve pain symptoms.
  • In-office therapies which may include vibration therapy, magnetic therapy, chiropractic adjustments with the Impulse IQ. The Impulse IQ is a revolutionary computer-driven low-impact device that checks the physiologic vibration of each vertebrae and re-establishes movement to enhance more nerve impulses to reduce pain.
  • Electrical therapy: This technology is very effective in re-educating the nerves after they have started to die off. This same machine is used widely in the Cancer Centers of America.
  • Nutritional Protocols for blood sugar regulation: cardiovascular detox, cellular health, inflammation and nitric oxide booster. Our educational curriculum includes a 12-week health module with a daily nutrition action plan.

Frustrated by Pins and Needles or Other Nerve Pain Symptoms?

Whether you're diabetic, in the midst of chemotherapy recovery, have suffered a stroke, or are dealing with some other type of chronic nerve pain, our team is here to help! We want to help you achieve more pain-free days and greater function—without having to rely solely on invasive, costly procedures, or medications! Contact NJ Neuropathy at (732) 898-3040 to schedule an appointment with our nerve pain specialist team, led by Dr. Charles Ferrante, D.C.