Donald has reversed his neuropathy symptoms after three (3) months of treatment at NJ Neuropathy. Donald is so happy with his experience that he urges YOU to sign up for a FREE neuropathy seminar to start your road to recovery.

Tom came to us with 95% nerve damage and had already had one toe amputated. With Dr. Charles Ferrante's help, his nerve damage has improved 20% and counting! No more amputations thanks to NJ Neuropathy.

In just 90 days, Marty has reversed his neuropathy. After starting the program at NJ Neuropathy, Marty's nerve damage went from 49% in his right foot to 12% and from 36% in his left foot to just 10%. He is feeling better and getting his life back!

Alex has reversed his neuropathy and is back to enjoying his golf game!

Bob is looking forward to a winter on the slopes!

He is enjoying life MORE now that he has so much LESS pain than he did before coming to NJ Neuropathy.

John is feeling better about his health. He has less discomfort and more peace of mind while enrolled in our program.